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ReAct receives additional financial support from Sweden

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Today the Swedish government announced it will fund ReAct with almost 2 M SEK (188 000 US dollars) for its global work leading up to the UN high-level meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance in New York in September this year, and for ReAct's work for equitable and sustainable access to effective antibiotics.

With this funding ReAct will intensify and broaden the very important mobilization of governments, institutions, civil society and communities ahead of the High-Level Meeting, urging leaders to make it the pivotal moment in the global response to antibiotic resistance that is so urgently needed.

ReAct’s unique role

The Swedish government highlighted ReAct’s unique role and network and ability to mobilize different actors, as well as its work for equitable and sustainable access to effective antibiotics.

In the press release from the Swedish Ministry of Social Affairs, Jakob Forssmed, Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health, says:

“ReAct at Uppsala University is doing valuable work to reduce antibiotic resistance in the world.”

Anna Sjöblom, Director, ReAct Europe. Photo: Therese Holm, ReAct Europe

This is very welcome!

Anna Sjöblom Director, ReAct Europe comments:

“This is very welcome news! We can now accelerate and intensify our work across the ReAct network together with a broad range of other actors. We have a unique opportunity this year to get strong political commitments, followed by action, that we cannot miss. This decision also demonstrates Sweden’s strong and longstanding engagement and shows that there is an understanding of antibiotic resistance as a cross-border health threat that needs a global response, by all sectors and all societies.”