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ReAct Latin America online Dialogue Series!

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Join the Dialogue online Series focusing on civil society and community engagement and the road towards the 5th People Health Assembly in April and the UN High-Level Meeting on AMR in September. The series is held in Spanish.

Design: ReAct Latin America.

Wednesday 28 February, ReAct Latin-America, in collaboration with the Pan America Health Organization (PAHO) and South Center, will launch a dialogue-series on civil society and community engagement in the lead up to the 5th People Health Assembly 7-11 April towards the 2024 United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AMR .

First dialogue meeting –  Call for Global Action

The first dialogue meeting, with the title “Empowered communities against AMR, Our Planet, Our Health: the road to the PHA-5 and the UNGA HLM on AMR”, will be held in Spanish and will introduce the re-adaptation towards the HLM of the 2021 Empowered Communities declaration. The updated declaration, now renamed as “Call for Global Action at the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting 2024 on AMR”, is part of a global campaign that ReAct, together with PAHO and South Center, wants to launch to:

  • raise awareness and sensitize the public audience on antibiotic resistance as the greatest and most urgent cross-border health crises of our time
  • create a movement of civil societies and communities with the goal to raise collective voices and concerns over the threat that AMR poses to sustainable development and well-being, and not least
  • urge member states to take strong political commitments at the UNGA HLM on AMR.

During the first dialogue meeting three keynote speakers will take part in an expert panel:

  • Dr. Andrea Caputo Svensson, Global Health Advisor, ReAct Europe
  • Dr. Nathalie El Omeiri, AMR Advisor at PAHO
  • Dr. Román Vega, Global Coordinator of the People Health Movement)

Moderators: Lisandro Ferrazini, ReAct Latin America and Mirza Alas Portillo, South Center

The keynote speakers will highlight the global health emergency of antimicrobial resistance and its consequences on all aspects of life worldwide, including human and animal health, ecosystems and economies. They will also introduce the Call for Global Action and the opportunities for civil society and communities to engage in the upcoming high-level events.

Andrea Caputo, ReAct, says:

“The Political Declaration of the UN General Assembly High level meeting on AMR 2024 must be a turning point for reflecting the importance of community engagement and ensuring meaningful civil society and community engagement, including fair representations in governance structures and the decision-making process as well as the co-creation of community-led solutions.”

In the coming month there will be more information on the upcoming dialogue meetings and details on how you can join the Call for Global Action.