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Handbook for Antibiotic Smart Communities Framework

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Here you can learn more about, and download, the data collection handbook for an "Antibiotic Smart Communities" indicator framework, developed by ReAct Asia Pacific. It aims to help measure the "antibiotic smartness" of communities in tackling antimicrobial resistance.

Click image to download the handbook as PDF.

15 indicators across all health areas

The handbook contains details on 15 indicators across human health, animal health, environment, and trans-sectoral domains. These were selected by expert consensus to represent priority areas. The indicators cover hygiene facilities in schools, household sanitation access, antibiotic stewardship in healthcare, infection control, veterinary services, agricultural practices, water and waste management.

For each indicator, the handbook provides:

  • a definition
  • rationale and
  • step-by-step guidance on data collection methodology.

Data collection methodology includes both secondary data sources like government records, as well as primary data collection such as household surveys, interviews with farmers and healthcare workers, audits of facilities and prescriptions. Detailed data entry sheets are provided to record findings.

Qualitative and quantitative information

The handbook emphasizes robust sampling techniques to ensure representative data. It also highlights the importance of qualitative inputs to supplement quantitative information. Guidance is given on scoring and categorizing communities as ‘good’, ‘reasonable’ or ‘inadequate’ for each indicator.

By gathering data across these 15 indicators, the handbook enables standardized measurement of how far communities meet the criteria for being ‘antibiotic smart’. Analysis of results can identify priority areas needing improvement. Over time, communities can track their progress.

Provides a practical toolkit

Overall, the handbook provides public health professionals, researchers and community leaders with a practical toolkit to generate evidence on the antibiotic smartness of communities. Along with the Antibiotic Smart Community framework, it can help mobilize grassroots action on antimicrobial resistance.

Click image to download handbook (PDF, 15,1 MB).