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World Cancer Day: Cancer communities can help making the UN High Level meeting on AMR a turning point

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Cancer patients often undergo extensive treatments, including surgeries, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, which make them more susceptible to infections. Many cancer patients therefore rely on effective antibiotics to keep opportunistic infections at bay. On this World Cancer Day we invite cancer communities and organizations worldwide to join our call on governments to make the United Nations High-Level Meeting on AMR in September this year the turning point that is urgently needed in the global response to antibiotic resistance.

Logo: World Cancer Day, UICC.

The active engagement of the global cancer community in addressing antibiotic resistance can facilitate the development of tailored strategies for infection prevention and treatment in cancer care, taking into account the specific needs of individuals with compromised immune systems. Moreover, collaboration with the cancer community fosters awareness, education, and advocacy, promoting responsible antibiotic use and infection control practices.

Towards the UN High level meeting on AMR in September, raising the voices of the groups most affected by antibiotic resistance will be an important factor in increasing demands for action of governments from below.