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Infographics – Sustainable Development Goals and AMR

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Infographics with facts from the ReAct report: When The Drugs Don't Work - Antimicrobial Resistance as a Sustainable Development Problem. Free to download and use. Click infograph to download.

In many #LMICs 25%-70% of total income is spent on healthcare > making medicines the largest family cost after food!

Antibiotic resistance in animals threatens the sustainability and security of food production and the livelihood of farmers.

Antibiotic resistance risks increasing inequalities within societies. Groups that are extra vulnerable to antibiotic resistance include women and children, migrants and refugees.

People living in poverty are not only more vulnerable to antibiotic resistance, but are also less able to prevent or treat antibiotic-resistant infections.

Improving water and sanitation services will reduce the need for antibiotics and reduces spread of resistant bacteria.

We need to keep antibiotics effective to be able to treat infectious diseases – this is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Antibiotic resistance is a sustainable development issue.