News and Opinions  –  2015

ReAct activities during World Antibiotic Awareness Week: CHILDREN AUTHORS OF MICROBIAL STORIES ON THE RADIO IN ECUADOR

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19 November 2015


Microbial stories are told on the radio. A group of children from various schools of Cuenca, co-authors of microbial stories “From the smallest to the tiniest of the planet”, will gather at, “Urban Rights”, together with the journalist Ana Abad, to talk about the stories they wrote, explaining how the project has changed their relationship with microbes and antibiotics within their families and schools.

The recording of the program was successful and charming. The children showed their sensitive knowledge about microbes, their amazing capacities to imagine the microbial world in our lives and in the nature, and their skills to communicate the message on the need to build a new relationship between human beings and microbes.