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ReAct activities during World Antibiotic Awareness Week: CYCLORIDE FOR ANTIBIOTICS IN ECUADOR

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20 November 2015

This is a photo from the cycloride last year. This year we are hoping for at least 100 cyclists!
This is a photo from the cycloride last year. This year we are hoping for at least 100 cyclists!

Hopefully at least a hundred cyclist will bike the streets of Cuenca. This to get the attention of the public and the media to focus on the most common mistakes in using antibiotics and the most appropriate and safe way to use the drugs.

As earlier years, for this cycling day, ReAct worked with BiciCuenca, (a group of enthusiastic promoters of biking), and a group of students and teachers from the Medical School of the University of Cuenca.

The event will start at 9 am on Saturday 21 November in the Parque de la Madre, an emblematic area of the city.

– We hope to collect at least 100 cyclists, says Carlos Bacacela, partner of ReAct Latin America.

From there they will travel the avenues of the city, a distance of about 4 kilometers, carrying messages related to the appropriate use of antibiotics on their bikes.

Gathering in Paradise Park

In the end, there will be a gathering in Paradise Park, the most populous recreational space in the city, with the cyclists and people who are in the park. Together they will stamp their commitment to care for antibiotics and care for life.

In addition, a group of students from the School of Medical Technology at the University of Cuenca, under the coordination of Professor Mauricio Baculima, will install an interactive exhibit on how the relationship between human beings and microbes begins at birth. The idea is to make the participants live and feel how microbes begin to populate the human body when we are born.

Several results are expected from this activity:

– Concerned citizens groups are informed about the urgency of protecting antibiotics and alos we will have engaged new allies to spread the message, says Carlos Bacacela.

A tradition

The cycling event is part of a small tradition of promoting cycling together to increase awareness about appropriate use of antibiotics. Hand in hand with various social organizations and institutions, ReAct has motivated the project Pedaling Consciousness to use antibiotics wisely. Previously, ReAct led two cycling events with children in schools in the city in 2012 and 2015.