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ReAct highlights during World Antibiotic Awareness week

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ReAct arranged a series of activities during World Antibiotic Awareness Week, such as: policy meetings, hospital visits, seminars, workshops, launch of stories working with children, forums, TV and radio shows and much more. Countries covered by these activities were Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Indonesia, Thailand and Ecuador. Here are some of the highlights.


Handle antibiotics with care.
Handle antibiotics with care.

Policy meeting in Kenya

ReAct Africa arranged a well visited policy meeting for civil society organizations in Kenya.

ReAct Africa held a policy meeting.

Six students during their quiz for fellow students.
Students in Africa during their quiz for fellow students.

Raising awareness among general public

Articles in national newspapers, quizzes for students, television shows, hospital visits, stickers on public vehicles and getting the new Antimicrobial Policy to receive government accent are some of ReAct Africa’s activities during World Antibiotic Awareness week.

ReAct Africa raised awareness among the general public.

Medical students campaign on the streets of Bangkok during World Antibiotic Awareness Week.
Medical students campaign on the streets of Bangkok during World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Colorful public events

Puppet shows, songs, exhibitions and outreach activities in hospitals, pharmacies, colleges and public meeting places in Thailand.

Thailand marks the week with colorful public events.

Yellow background with white text saying historias nino a nino, and small round pictures of people, and two stick figures behind colorful lines
Child to Child Stories.

Child to Child Stories launched

The Child to Child Stories are launched during the World Antibiotic Awareness Week in Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador.

ReAct Latin America launches Child to Child Stories.

Meeting between students and health care professionals

On Wednesday 16 November in Cuenca, Ecuador, to mark the occasion of the Antibiotic Awareness Week, the Faculty of Medicine at the Catholic University of Cuenca, joined the campaign and organized a meeting between students and healthcare professionals.

More than 450 students, professors of medicine, psychology, nursing, veterinary and agronomy and ReAct Latin America gathered.

ReAct Latin America – tell our stories and learn from the youngest.