News and Opinions  –  2017

Presentation of the Alforja Educativa Validation Project enthuses students

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A few weeks ago, the Alforja Educativa Validation Project was presented to the students of the Medicine Faculty from the University of Azuay and the Catholic University of Cuenca. This event took place in the Administration Room of the University of Azuay, which was entirely filled with lots of enthusiastic guests.

Silvina Alessio, School Health and Microbial World Program Coordinator, ReAct Latin America, explained that the Alforja Educativa is an education – communication tool that introduces key messages to school-aged children through playful activities, songs, stories and videos. Silvina also explained the process of elaborating the Alforja Educativa with simple and emotional steps.

The objective of the Alforja is to raise awareness about the microbial world and the problem of bacterial resistance from the perspective of the health of Mother Earth. A challenge for institutions working with the Alforja has been to validate the impact of the Alforja Educativa and its contribution to the fulfillment of its educative objective.

For this, about 80 students from the Educational and Medicine career will apply and validate this education – communication tool. In the entire project, approximately 10 public and private educational institutions will be participating, from both urban and rural areas. It is intended to reach roughly 800 children while working with these institutions.

The event included speeches by Enrique Pozo, Rector of the Catholic University Cuenca, Francisco Salgado, Rector of the University of Azuay, and Arturo Quizhpe, Regional Coordinator, ReAct Latin America. They emphasized the relevance of education and its relation with the different research projects. In addition, the official presentation of the 2017 project collaborators from both universities took place.