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CGIAR collaboration for the ReAct Toolbox

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Logo for the ReAct Toolbox with grey world map

In the beginning of September, ReAct welcomed a group of researchers from the CGIAR network to Uppsala, Sweden for a workshop for the ReAct Toolbox. Together, we worked to identify existing resources and example case studies to inspire and facilitate action on antibiotic use and resistance in the farming sector.

The CGIAR group contributed with their expertise within various areas related to animal health, infection prevention and antibiotic use and resistance.

Isaac Omwenga, PhD fellow at ILRI & University of Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Therese Holm, ReAct.

Isaac Omwenga, PhD fellow at ILRI & University of Nairobi, Kenya says:

“It was an interesting workshop. I contributed by giving my view on antimicrobial resistance in the food animals value chain and on ways to mitigate its spread in livestock and transmission to humans.”

The workshop specifically focused on providing tools and information for professionals working with farmers in low and middle-income countries. The materials will be added to the Toolbox continuously during the fall – follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Isaac Omwenga concludes:

“The Toolbox is useful in creating awareness on the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance to the general global population including experts and suggesting ways of mitigating this rising threat to both animal and human health.”

“The Toolbox presents antibiotic resistance in a friendly and easy way to understand for anyone interested in knowing more about what resistance is, how it develops, the effects and suggested ways of combating it.”

Participants in the ReAct Toolbox workshop

Participants in the ReAct Toolbox workshop, a collaboration with experts from CGIAR. Photo: Therese Holm, ReAct.
  • Barbara Wieland (DVM, PhD, Flagship leader animal health, CGIAR research program on Livestock & Fish, and Team leader herd health, ILRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
  • Johanna Lindahl (DVM, PhD, scientist ILRI Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Elizabeth Cook (DVM, PhD, Post Doctoral Scientist, ILRI)
  • Isaac Omwenga (Msc, PhD fellow, ILRI & University of Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Nichola Naylor (PhD, AMR across human and animal systems, LSHTM, UK)
  • Gunilla Ström Hallenberg (PhD student, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Ulf Magnusson (DVM, Professor of Animal Reproduction, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Sandra Nohrborg (DVM, Research Associate SLU, Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Satya Sivaraman (Communications Coordinator, ReAct Asia Pacific)
  • Vida Parady (Communications Officer, ReAct Asia Pacific)
  • Maria Pränting (PhD, Scientific Officer, ReAct Europe)
  • Matti Karvanen (PhD, Scientific Officer, ReAct Europe)