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ReAct activities for World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018

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As previous years, ReAct will focus on regional activities for World Antibiotic Awareness Week in 2018. ReAct Africa, ReAct Asia Pacific and ReAct Latin America arrange a series of activities to raise awareness among general public, media, students, policy makers and health care personnel.

The activities will take place in Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Ecuador and Argentina.

In the regions ReAct will meet students, health care professionals, hold seminars, arrange community workshops, media workshops and civil society meetings. We will interact with media, conduct campaigns, carry out awareness walks and carnivals. Body paint, a theater and a photo competition is also on the agenda during the coming week.

ReAct Africa

Student at Kenya Medical Training College reading comic strip about antibiotic resistance, from World Antibiotic Awareness Week in 2017.


Launch of Uganda’s National Action Plan on AMR: students can register and attend the launch of the National Action Plan.


  • Awareness on antimicrobial resistance at health facilities: Kamuzu Central Hospital, Asamala Private Hospital, Likuni Mission Hospital and Mchinji womens group.
  • Academia campus campaign at college of medicine, Health sciences, Malamulo.


  • Launch of World Antibiotic Awareness Week – a public lecture.
  • A lecture with participants from the health, agriculture and environment sectors.
  • Civil society meeting.
  • Media awareness – news articles in various newspapers.
  • Coverage on antimicrobial resistance in TV and radio stations.


  • Radio jingles and School Outreach: Secondary school quiz competition.
  • Radio talk show ( Ile-Ife) Orisun89.5 FM.
  • Hospital symposium.
  • Antibiotic Market Awareness road walk (walk to market).

Sierra Leone

  • School visitation and antimicrobial resistance education.
  • Media engagement and public relations.
  • Community pharmacies engagement.

Contact for more information: Mercy Naitore

ReAct Asia Pacific

In 2017 ReAct Asia Pacific also arranged a photography contest among student. Abowe: best entry by Aashay Pande.


17 November

Public lecture with students and faculty of the Veterinary Medicine at Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java – held by FAO and Ministry of Agriculture. YOP is one of the speakers.

18 November

  • Street carnival and public events at The Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java – held by FAO and Ministry of Agriculture, involving Ministry of Health, WHO and Ministry of Environment. YOP is one of the participants in the public events.
  • Media luncheon (after the carnaval) – held by FAO and Ministry of Agriculture, managed by YOP.

Contact for more information: Vida Parady


15 November

Seminar on explaining antimicrobial resistance to lay public and an exhibition.

16 November

Workshops on reclassification of antibiotics in Thailand and an exhibition.

Contact for more information: Satya Sivaraman

India (Kerala)

21 November

  • Photography contest for students.
  • A short movie competition for students.
  • A communication workshop will be held for selected participants from above two competitions.
  • A public exhibition at CMC Vellore dealing with medicine use, safety, counseling and compliance. Special focus will be on making people aware of the approach to antibiotic use and consequences of misuse and the use of antibiotics in the non-human sector.
  • IEC Booklets on antibiotic use in food animal sector in India and booklets of children’s stories on Adventures in Human Forest will also be distributed to appropriate audience during the week.

Contact for more information: Philip Mathew

ReAct Latin America

From the launch of the book Food for medicine and cooking as pharmacy.


15-23 October 

  • Campaign on food, the human microbiome and a healthy body.
  • Campaign in media and regional network.

23 October

Forum and launch of the book “Food as medicine, the kitchen as a pharmacy” including exhibition and tasting of Andean ancestral foods.
Organized by: ReAct Latin America and San Isidro Higher Institute with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Culture Department of the Municipality of Cuenca.

8 November

  • Launching and dissemination of the manifesto: “Path to a new relationship with bacteria”, body paint “The human microbiome” and photography exhibition, Calderón Park, Cuenca. 10.00 am local time.
  • Body paint “The human microbiome” and photography exhibition, Plaza La Merced, Cuenca. 8 pm local time.

8-10 November

Workshop with indigenous community leaders beneficiaries of the primary care system of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, Guamote (Chimborazo, Ecuador).
Organized by: ReAct Latin America and FEUNASSC.

11 November 

Theater play “Rebellion of bacteria”, Parque de la Madre, Cuenca.

14-15 November

International Workshop “Intelligent Communities in Food Production and Health Care of Mother Earth”, Cuenca, Ecuador
Delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and El Salvador will participate in the workshop.

16 November

International Seminar “Intelligent Communities in Food Production and Health Care of Mother Earth”, Nabón, Ecuador
Delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and El Salvador will participate.

12-18 November
Radio campaign in media and social networks: proper use of antibiotics in humans and animals.

12-18 November
Campaign in media – collection and final disposal of antibiotics a collaboration between ReAct Latin America and ETAPA.

1-30 November

  • Dissemination, distribution of edu-communicational material.
  • Declaration of new human relationships – microbes.
  • Different events convened or in which ReAct participates.


12-14 November 
Workshop “Microbial World and Bacterial Resistance: Role of the School”, Mar del Plata, Argentina

16-19 November 
XXXIII Congress of General Practitioners of Buenos Aires including presentation of the Educational Saddlebag (a material from ReAct Latin America), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact for more information: Juan-Carloz Lopez