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ReAct highlights during World Antibiotic Awareness week 2017

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During World Antibiotic Awareness Week ReAct Africa, ReAct Asia Pacific and ReAct Latin America arranged a series of activities, such as: medical education at hospital visits, seminars, workshops, participation in TV-shows and radio shows, a photography contest, media workshops and seminars for veterinarian students and poultry farmers and much, much more. Countries covered by these activities were: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Ecuador. See list below and contacts for more information. and much more.

Best entry by Aashay Pande.

ReAct Asia Pacific: photography contest on antibiotic resistance in India

ReAct Asia Pacific launched a photography contest for students from India, on the occasion of World Antibiotics Awareness Week 2017. The themes for the contest were broad, and included antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic abuse, One-health approach and Food as Medicine. The aim of the contest was to spread the awareness about the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance in India and the world. Read article.

Over two dozen media personnel took part in the workshop that dealt with various aspects of antimicrobial resistance.

Sensitizing the Indian media to antimicrobial resistance

On the occasion of the World Antibiotic Awareness Week, ReAct Asia-Pacific organized a half-day workshop on antimicrobial resistance for media personnel in Trivandrum, Kerala, the southern-most province of India. Over two dozen media personnel took part in the workshop that dealt with various aspects of antimicrobial resistance, including the need for an ecological approach to find sustainable and long-lasting solutions. Read article.


More than 20 Latin American countries joined the manifest for health.

ReAct Latin America: Manifest for health by social organizations in Latin America

During World Antibiotic Awareness Week a diversity of multinational actors in Latin America pronounced a manifest to stop the spread of antibiotic resistance for the health of the people.

Organizations from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and more than 20 Latin American countries represented by the People’s Health Movement joined this manifest. Read article.


Over 85 pharmacists got to understand that they have a great responsibility in ensuring antibiotics remained effective for future generations.

ReAct Asia Pacific: Role of pharmacists in stopping antimicrobial resistance

Pharmacists have a critical role to play in helping stop the spread of antimicrobial resistance or antimicrobial resistance by dispensing antibiotics in a safe and rational manner and also spreading awareness about the dangers of inappropriate use. ReAct Asia Pacific arranged a seminar on “Antimicrobial Resistance and Antibiotic Use – The Role of Pharmacists”. Read article.

Dr. Nyakiba addressing the students.

ReAct Africa: Preparing future guardians of AMR in Kenya

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Kenya, WHO, EPN and ReAct Africa the team conducted a Continuous Medical Education (CME) exercise at the Kenya Medical Training College in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective of this exercise was to sensitize students on the Ministry of Health’s policies on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in public health across sectors and specifically, the importance of Infection and Prevention Programs in health facilities. This event, held on the third day of activities during the World Antibiotic Awareness Week, was a success as over two hundred Kenya Medical Training College students piled into an assembly hall on the Kenyatta National Hospital campus. Read article.

The media briefing was aimed at improving the journalists’ awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance.

ReAct Asia Pacific media briefing: 40 journalists in Jakarta interested in antibiotic resistance

ReAct’s partner in Indonesia, the Concerned and Caring Parents Foundation (Yayasan Orangtua Peduli/YOP), joined forces with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and FAO Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (FAO ECTAD) in holding a media briefing for the Indonesian key media. The media briefing was aimed at improving the journalists’ awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance, and encouraging them to promote the increasing threats of antimicrobial resistance to the public. Read article.

ReAct Latin America launches the book “Extending and Embellishing the Mosaic”.

ReAct Latin America launches book with a One Health perspective

Kicking off World Antibiotic Awareness Week, ReAct Latin America launches the book “Extending and Embellishing the Mosaic”. It is the third volume of ReAct Latin America’s series Reimagining the Resistance. Read article.

Expanding and embellishing the mosaic (in Spanish)

“Expanding and embellishing the mosaic” is the third volume of the series Reimagining the Resistance. It is a new effort to continue diversifying the reflections and the voices to reimagine the resistance. Download book. (PDF, 20 MB)

ReAct Africa and many other organizations joined forces to raise awareness on antibiotic resistance.

ReAct Africa walks for antibiotic awareness

Earlier today a public awareness walk from Uhuru Park to the Kenyatta National Hospital grounds in Nairobi, Kenya, kicked off the World Antibiotic Awareness Week for ReAct Africa. Read article.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: focus on non-human use

Global antibiotic consumption in livestock was in 2013 estimated to be over 130 thousand tons. These large quantities of antibiotics are used for disease prevention and control and as growth promoters in food animals.  Read article. 

Antibiotics in animal agriculture

The use of antibiotics for food production has been a major driver of antibiotic resistance, which is emerging as a threat to food security. Learn more in article.